Lis Engel


Galleri Engel
Toeltvej 39 A
3050 Humlebæk
+45 31689013

I am educated cand.scient, phd in bodymind arts and sciences at the University of Copenhagen, with intensive studies in contemporary art and dance in New York, London, Seattle and Geneve, Paris and Firenze. I have been working as an associate professor at the university of Copenhagen in bodymind arts and sciences, but work now as an artist and a guest professor in poetics of human movement and artistic research. I am inspired from life, nature, music, literature and art. I work primarily with painting and drawing, but also with photo, mixed media, mini installations and performance. My main theme of interest is how image and color communicate, intensify and create experiences of life.

Invited and censured international exhibitions

Gallery Marziart, Hamburg,dec 2014-jan 2015.
Dante’s House Museum, Firenze 2015.
The 2. International Art Bienniale in Palermo 2015.
Salon Gustave Eiffel”- La Grande Exposition Universelle, Paris 2014,
Italian Biennale of Creativity 2014
Monreale Museum of Contemporary Art 2014, L´Agostiniana Galleria,Rome, nominated as a candidate to Leonardo meets Canova 2014, with two paintings “paradise 1, 2”,
1st Italian Biennale of Creativity, Palaexpo, Verona 2014, represented with two paintings “The Path to Tihar” and “Angel of Light”.
Monreale Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art, Sicily, 2014 – invited as a candidate to the 1. Trinacria Award 2014 with the painting “In-between heaven&earth”.
Christmas in Naples 2014″ Gallery of Modern Art ”The Doors”, 57
Chiatamone Naples, 20-30 December 2014,
Raphael Sanzio Award 2014 from ”Italia In Arte” – 2014.
Galleria Tondinelli, invited as a representative for Denmark by Curator Floriana Tondinelli and art professor Aldo G. Jatosti to the Nordic Exhibition "Roses, Gardens and Ancient Symbols" Rome 2013, supported by the Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish Ambassady.
Museum of Americas, 2011,
Firenze Biennalen, 2011,
Gallery Broadway, New York, 2011,
Nyart Beijing Project, 2011.
The censured HCAndersen festival at Filosoffen Odense, 2013
Visionary Artist in the censored artist group Kunstrunden

Presented in Art books and Art Magazines

Masters of Today-Art of Excellence curated and edited by Peter Russu
International Contemporary Artists Vol VIII, curated and edited by Eve Lemonidou and Olga Antoniadou, 2014
The Best Modern and Contemporay Artists curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo, 2014.