NYBRO is an artists’ community with its own gallery in downtown Copenhagen, established in 1989 and still engaged in many different activities. Through the decades, the secret of our success has been stability, development, creativity and constructive criticism within our group.

The artists in NYBRO are selected primarily according to their artistic qualities. Recognition of each other’s skills and expertise enables us to maintain respect within the group, to exchange experiences and to provide mutual assistance.

Additionally, we select new members in order to attain a diversity of artistic styles and choice of materials. We represent a very wide variety of artistic profiles. Our appraisal committee meets every month to evaluate new applicants’ work and assess their suitability for membership of Gallery NYBRO.

Gallery NYBRO is in downtown Copenhagen and is run as a cooperative gallery, where each artist pays his or her share of the expenses. In return, the artist is guaranteed two weeks’ solo exhibition in the gallery each year. This means that visitors can meet with the artist and his or her artwork face to face.

NYBRO also arranges major group exhibitions elsewhere in Denmark to make a dynamic statement to the art communities outside Copenhagen. We also host a group exhibition at the Copenhagen gallery every December.

Every month, we have a business meeting in the gallery where we discuss the current situation.

Please check out Gallery NYBRO’s website for further information (even if it is in Danish!): www.galleri-nybro.dk.
Here you’ll find mail addresses and links to illustrative websites for all the gallery’s artists. ( "kunstnerne" )

Address: Gallery NYBRO, Sankt Peders Stræde 21, 1453 København K